Hercshoes 780 men's Breathable labor insurance work safety shoes


Application scenarios: oil field, chemical industry, railway, electric power, forestry, mining, engineering construction

Features: breathable and safe
Selling point: up to standard anti-smashing steel head-widened steelhead does not grind your feet, not afraid of smashing or bumping; stab-resistant Kevlar midsole-soft Kevlar to prevent sharp objects from piercing the soles of the feet; wear-resistant, smash-resistant, and iron-cut resistant-PU Bottom + Kevlar midsole, wear-resistant and smash-resistant, not afraid of iron chips; non-slip, oil-resistant, acid and alkali-slip pattern design, enhanced grip, not afraid of slippery when walking; soft, comfortable and easy to bend-upper + PU sole, soft and comfortable; Breathable upper-suede leather + upper, stylish and beautiful, refreshing and breathable, long-wearing without stuffiness;

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