Hercshoes ST2 red non-slip work gloves

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Size Chart
Material: Outer layer: Deyan, Silica gel, inner layer: polyester cotton
Dimensions: length 11.8-13 inches, width 4.7 inches
Temperature resistance: 500-800 degrees Celsius (instant temperature)
Uses: Suitable for barbecues, ovens, microwave ovens, and can also be used in industry.

High-temperature resistance, heat insulation, non-slip, anti-cutting. Can adapt to a variety of use environments.
The outer layer of the glove is knitted with yarn, and the inner layer is cotton fiber, which provides heat resistance and flame retardancy, and the outer layer of silica gel provides non-slip performance.
The gloves can be washed with water to extend the service life of the gloves without reducing the fire and high-temperature resistance performance.
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